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Interior design

Misr Helwan aim to shape spaces with “timeless designs” and want to be recognized professional interior design, providing solutions in the field of high-end corporate, commercial & residential interiors. It is to positively influence the lives of all customers with whom we have the pleasure of working, and leave a lasting impression on their minds and imagination.


Misr Helwan uses science, technology and management to make a clear difference in concrete and mineral constructions in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.We aim to deliver projects on time, maintaining an expected budget and adjusting to client’s changing needs, while having a strong focus on quality and safety.


Misr Helwan offers the highest levels of finishing through an integrated team of engineers and specialists with experience and efficiency to meet the needs and desires of our customers to make their dreams come true. The company offers several finishing levels with the latest technologies that suits every client’s needs according to available spaces.


Why Choose Us?


We always apply the principle of safety first. Especially as our field of work relates to the safety of installations before and after implementation. We also carefully pay great attention to the safety of workers and protect them from any risks


We are used to fast track projects and are able to work throughout the day without disrupting with our technologies and tools in carrying out the work in the least time without compromising quality and safety.


We carefully consider the quality and implementation standards as per the standard specifications and recommendations of the project consultant, which has earned us the confidence of customers in the quality of execution.


We offer more than one technology in the implementation methods in proportion to the project budget and requirements.